Located on the Southbank of the St. Johns River

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you won’t find more gorgeous, sophisticated or decadent downtown living experience than you will at The Peninsula.


Featuring a progressive design that combines traditional city-style with a contemporary urban flair.

B5 WEST Floor Plan


2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Air Conditioned
1639 S.F.
171 S.F.
1810 S.F.

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Important Information

Given the nature of condominium ownership, the unit boundaries are precisely defined in such a manner so that all components of the building which are (or are potentially) utilized either by other Units or the Common Elements are excluded from the Unit. This would exclude, for instance, all structural walls, columns etc. and essentially limits the Unit boundaries to the interior airspace between the perimeter walls and excludes all interior structural components. For the precise Unit boundaries, see section 3 2 of the Declaration. For your reference. The area of the Unit, determined in accordance with these defined Unit boundaries, is set forth hereon (and labeled as Unit Area) Please note that the unique way of defining the boundaries actually makes the Unit appear to be smaller than it actually would be if standard architectural measuring techniques were used.

All depictions of appliances, counters, soffits floor coverings, and other matters of detail are conceptual only and are not necessarily included in each Unit. Consult your Agreement and the Prospectus for the items included with the Unit.

Video Residence B5 West

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